Why I ship DHL through Goin Postal Brentwood

We have a longtime customer and friend of the store who routinely comes by and ships out packages through DHL to his customers and business partners around the world. We asked him why he chooses to come to us to ship internationally and he had some kind words to say about our company and processes.

Shipping DHL from Brentwood TN

"I use Goin Postal Brentwood for my International Shipping because they make it easy. I don't have to worry about filling out customs forms, paying duties, and all the other headaches that come with shipping internationally. They take care of everything and just make the process easy for me which is what I need. Plus Frank, Jim, and Toni are the nicest people and dealing with them is always a pleasure."


Mason runs a local company that makes Tennessee-themed products and has customers and business partners all over the world. If you haven't ever seen his stuff it's definitely worth checking out: Volunteer Traditions 


As a Certified Shipping Partner with DHL, we're able to offer all of their shipping products and we're able to make the process easy. You can learn a little more about shipping with DHL at our store in this video giving some details on how the process works.


If you have documents or a package that you need to send almost anywhere in the world, we'll be able to help you out and get the job done. Just bring it by the store and tell us what it is and where it needs to get and we'll take care of the rest.