Why I use Goin Postal Brentwood to Fedex my Marketing Packages to Clients

We have a longtime customer at our store that is in the Music Industry and has a company that does a very specific thing for music folks who own music rights. They help music rights holders get their "meta data" correct so they can claim their royalties anytime their music is played. It's a great company that helps a lot of artists and they've actually written 2 really great books about the industry.

You can learn more about Aarons' Company here:  Exploration Website

They send these books out as part of their effort to spread the word about what they do. Rather than run to the post office and stand in line then have to go through the process of shipping out 30-50 books to their future customers, they bring a box of them to us, have us create a custom letter to put in the package with the book and we handle everything else. We then send these books literally all of the world and Aaron's team is in our store for less than 3 minutes to drop the books off and they can get back to doing what they do best.

"Being able to partner with Jason and his team at Goin Postal has saved my company hundreds of hours of work and they go above and beyond to help make our lives easier. I highly recommend that any business that needs to do shipping consider using Goin Postal to help them out."  -Aaron Davis Exploration


If you have an upcoming project that involves printing or shipping, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll see if it's something we can help make easy for you and your company.


You can reach us anytime at the store at 615-283-3528 or just shoot us an email at brentwood@goinpostal.com


Aaron was also kind enough to record a quick video on why he does his shipping with us so we thought we'd share that as well.