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Experience the convenience of seamless mail management with our Private Mailbox service, priced at only $20 monthly. This comprehensive service encompasses package reception with the added convenience of timely email & text notifications upon mail or package arrival. Feel free to inquire about specific packages via phone before picking them up, and benefit from our global mail forwarding service (*additional fees apply for mail forwarding service).

 Please note that new accounts have a one-time setup fee of $15.

 Following your purchase, we will reach out to start the process of completing the USPS-required paperwork.  

General Guidelines from USPS

  • Customers apply for a PMB (Private Mail Box) at a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) and will be required to fill out PS Form 1583 .
  • Two forms of ID (one with a photo) are required when applying for a Private Mail Box.
  • The United States Postal Service delivers all of a CMRA customer’s mail to the CMRA, but is not responsible for putting the mail in the individual boxes.
  • Contact the CMRA directly (not the Postal Service™) to resolve any delivery issues.
  • You must go to the local Post Office to accept Registered Mail. A CMRA may accept other Accountable Mail.
  • To receive Restricted Delivery at your CMRA, make sure to authorize the Postal Service by signing in box #5 on PS Form 1583 .Mail can be forwarded to a CMRA, but not from a CMRA.
  • It is Postal policy that only addressees can refuse mail. PS Form 1583 obligates the CMRA to accept its customer's mail.
  • If you have your mail forwarded to a CMRA, it may cost you money to have your mail forwarded back.